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Nagam: Sonia gave Telengana, but Chandrababu stalled it

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Hyderabad: The Telangana Rashtra Samiti is wooing the suspended Telugu Desam MLA, Mr Nagam Janardhan Reddy, and is hoping that more pro-Telangana TD MLAs will follow him.

The TD MLAs, Mr K. Harishwar Reddy, and Mr Jogu Ramanna, have already come out openly in support of the suspended MLA.

For a change, Mr Nagam came out in support of UPA chairperson, Mrs Sonia Gandhi, saying that she gave the nod to Telangana on December 9 (referring to the home minister, Mr P. Chidambaram’s statement), but the TD chief, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu made an about-turn and opposed it, and this stalled the process.

His suspension from the party, Mr Nagam said sarcastically, was a gift from Mr Naidu for the immense service he had rendered the party in the past three decades.

“I thank him (for the suspension). I did no wrong and did not indulge in any indiscipline or anti-party activity to attract this punishment. Is demanding a resolution on Telangana a crime? Seemandhra leaders dominate the TD,” he said.

He demanded to know “why did Mr Naidu not take similar action against Seemandhra leaders who revolted against the party’s decision on Telangana? If Mr Naidu and the party are committed why can’t it just pull out a resolution copy from the computer and send it to Mr Chidambaram?”

In another development, the TRS leader from Mahbubnagar, Mr Jitender Reddy met Dr Nagam at his Gachibowli residence on Thursday and reportedly invited him to join the TRS.

Sources said Mr Nagam will take a decision after consulting local party leaders and well wishers. DC

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