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Naidu Threatens Statewide Stir On Fee Reimbursement

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Hyderabad, Feb.3 (NSS): Demanding that the fee of students be immediately reimbursed, the TDP chief, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu, has threatened the government that his party would be constrained to go on a statewide agitation if the government did not act immediately.

Reminding the government that the managements of colleges have given notice that they would close down the institutions if fee was not reimbursed by February 15, Mr. Naidu has said that the government should immediately release the fees and instill confidence among the students so that they would prepare for their examinations.
Mr Naidu said the government has issued a GO, bowing down to pressures when his party called for a Statewide agitation on September 9, 2010. He said, however, the GO Ms. No. 66 dated September 8, 2010 has clearly reflected the intentions of the government to impose a series of restrictions, to lessen its financial commitment. He said the Income Certificates were not issued, proforma was not changed and spot admissions were excluded from the scheme, thus reducing the number of students eligible for help under the scheme. It was a telling commentary that how the government had changed its stance from time to time on a scheme benefiting students, once electoral gains were reaped, he added.

He said that the government has failed to release funds to even these reduced number of students and the directives of even the Supreme Court had not been adhered to. He said that shifting stand of the government at very stage of the process was a clear pointer of its indifference towards the needs of the students from the vulnerable sections of the society. He said that now a state had reached where students were facing pressure from the college managements and were even ending their lives as they were unable to withstand the pressures. (NSS)

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