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Naidu vows to stand by Anna

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The Telugu Desam president, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu, on Monday said he was ready to undertake deeksha or any other mode of agitation to fight corruption and to support the farmers’ cause.

“I am ready to do anything to fight corruption and farmers’ cause. The Central government is not in a position to fight corruption or solve farmers’ problems. It’s disgusting to hear Congress leaders’ statements,” said Mr Naidu.

Demanding the Centre to permit Mr Anna Hazare to undertake his fast in New Delhi, he said the TD would support the activist’s fight against corruption.

He said it was highly undemocratic of the Centre to try to stop Mr Hazare’s fast.

The TD chief said corrupt officials should be weeded out and for this the youth, students and other enlightened sections of society should take up the fight.

He said his party will support a strong Lokpal Bill. “There is corruption everywhere. Neither the Centre not the state government is seriously fighting the issue. The Chief Minister is incompetent here,” he said.

Mr Naidu also criticised the Centre and state government for its failure to check price rise.

He said he would soon tour the other crop holiday affected districts like West Godavari, Kurnool, Prakasam and Khammam. He was speaking to reporters after the TD’s emergency politburo meeting at his Jubilee Hills residence.

“Farmers are in dire straits. But government is unmoved. Swaminathan, Huda and other committees have submitted reports protecting farmers, but they have not been implemented. The government should provide Rs.10,000 per acre to farmers who have declared crop holiday,” he demanded. Mr Naidu also alleged that mining mafia was looting the state and demanded the government to take stringent action. Deccan Chronicle

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