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Need For Political Power To BCS Stressed

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Hyderabad, Feb.13 (NSS): Though the B Cs account for around 50 per cent of the population, they were lagging behind in all aspects i.e social, educational, economic and political. Hence, capturing political power is the only remedy for the woes facing the people from the backward classes, said the president of the State Backward Classes Association, Mr Kasturi Jaya Prasad.

Mr Jaya Prasad presided over a round table meeting on “the state of BCs in the present context” held here on Sunday. He alleged that both the Centre and the State governments have been engrossed in corruption worth some lakhs of crores of rupees, and neglecting the welfare of the people from backward classes.

The general secretary, Medara Sangha Rajakeeya Chaitanya Vedika, Mr Murali Krishna said that even 64 years after attaining independence, the BCs were still lagging behind in all aspects and many of them were still leading a nomadic life for the sake of food and shelter. He said that of around 120 BC castes, only 20 of them could enter the legislative house. “The promise of allotting at least 33 per cent of Assembly seats to the BCs was still unfulfilled, though the State Assembly adopted a resolution in this regard in 2008”, he stated. “17 municipal Corporations were established during the time of Y S Rajasekhar Reddy, but they were suffering from severe fund crunch, he noted, and also said that if adequate funds were allotted for them, then there would be a tangible change in the state of many BC casts.

Bharatiya Janata party national secretary, Mr B Laxman said that the flow of money in crores of rupees has become a phenomenon of the present day elections and this in turn was pouring cold water on the political aspirations of the backward class people. Noting that the BCs have been content with their struggle for the issues like the scholarships and fee re-imbursement, he said that the BCs should come out of it and struggle until they attain political power, since it would be the panacea for all of their woes. He also said that awareness should be generated among them about the value of “the right to vote”.

Bharatiya Bahujana Praja Rajyam Party founder president, Mr A Veera Sekhar Yadav said that insults he suffered for being a person from the backward class had forced him to enter politics. He also said that the people from upper castes were enjoying political power, but on the other hand the underprivileged people were being treated as a mere vote bank. Referring to Mr Chiranjeevi, he said that he wanted to encash the political response of the common people just like he did as a film actor. He also said that the people from the backward classes would not be averse to make any sacrifices if they want to end the domination of the people from the higher castes.

All India forward Black State president, Mr Muralidhar Desh Pande said that they have to review the reservation system being followed in other states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and West Bengal and take up a massive revolt here, if needed. He also said that political awareness should be created among the backward class people to usher in era of a new political system.

Former minister, Mr Chittaranjan Das, the Osmania University Graduates Union from Telangana convenor, Mr Udaya Bhaskar, High Court advocate, Mr Venkateshwar Rao, State president of the Netaji Foundation, Mr Eesawaraiya Yadav, Telugu Desam Party woman leader, Ms Phaneeshwari, Doctors Association president, Dr Vinay Kumar, were among those who spoke. (NSS)

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