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Need to stop advts of tobacco products stressed

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Hyderabad: About 60 lakh people are dying every year due to tobacco products consumption in India and the Country has become the Capital of Oral Cancer in the World. Youngsters in the age group of 12 to 25 years are becoming addicted to the dangers of tobacco consumption, and they constituted 75 per cent of the victims.

Giving these startling facts at a press conference at Media Centre of NSS meet here today, on the eve of the world Tobacco Day on May 31, Dr Sachin Subhash Marda, Consultant Surgical Oncologist of Yashoda Hospital, stressed on the need to create awareness among the people on the ill-effects of Tobacco, and the Government enforcing strict regulations on advertisements of tobacco-related products. He said that advertisements on TV, hoardings and other media, projecting Cine Heroes for tobacco products, was having great impact on the youngsters who are becoming addicts and victims of Cancer.

He felt that the Government should issue licenses for sale of Tobacco products and only licensed shops should be allowed to sell these products. He said that Lung cancer is more prevalent in India, besides breast cancer, liver cancer, etc. Dangerous carcinogenic chemicals and drugs are used in products like Gutka, Thambaku and other products, which are responsible for cancer and other diseases. (NSS)

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