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Neglect of chevella pranahitha will spell doom to Kiran

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Hyderabad: The Telangana Congress senior leader Mr Palvai Govardhan Reddy has warned the Kiran Kumar Reddy government that it would fall if it completes construction of Polavaram Project first, neglecting Pranahitha-Chevella Project. He alleged that everybody was showing interest in Polavaram project not to benefit the State, but to benefit the ‘Political Contractors’.

Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan premises here on Friday along with another senior leader Mr B Kamalakar Rao, Mr Palvai said that the State government has not yet applied to any Central Government department for required permissions, and asked how it was possible to get national status to the Pranahitha-Chevella project. He alleged that the successive governments’ in the State have not shown any interest to complete a single project in Telangana region. He stated that the then TDP government had taken up Devadula Project keeping aside Inchampally Project. He said that even the Congress government too had launched Ellampally project, ignoring the Inchampally project .

Dubbing the State government as ‘Andhra-government’, Mr Palvai demanded it to initiate steps to take up Pranahitha-Chevella Project. He alleged that the Congress high command too has understand the reason why the State government was showing interest in Polavaram Project and hence many departments like Environment was asking for alternative design. It has also asked the State government to construct the Polavaram project after convincing the other two-states. Even the Supreme Court directed the concerned departments to verify whether the State government was constructing the Project as per ‘Bachavath Award”.

Alleging that the Political Contractors were showing false information regarding Polavaram project and managing the Central Water Commission (CWC), he said that the Project has permission for 36 lakh cusecs of water through ‘Alugu’, but the contractors have prepared plan for 50 lakh cusecs of water through ‘Alugu’. Alerting the Chief Minister to be cautious regarding Pranahitha-Chevella project, he said that it would become a reason for the fall of Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy government if it neglected it, giving top priority to Polavaram project. He warned that the Pranahitha-Chevella project would provoke the people to take up a movement resulting in fall of the State government.

Opining that the money spent on Polavaram project till date was nothing but waste, Mr Palvai has said that only Rs.12,000 crores was enough to complete it if it follows the design of retired engineer Mr Hanumantha Rao.

Mr Kamalakar Rao has said that the Telangana people and leaders were not against the Polavaram project, but the only objection was not to submerge the tribal villages in the project back waters. He said that not a single village would be submerged if the government implements Mr Hanumantha Rao’s design. He said that Mr Hnaumantha Rao’s design was cheap and nobody would become a victim of the project. (NSS)

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