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No bullet-proof cars for Chandrababu Naidu

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Hyderabad: While the state government has ordered the allotment of bullet-proof cars for ministers, it has turned a blind eye to the threat to the lives of IPS officers who had served in “extremist-affected” areas and are on the Maoist hitlist. Many IPS officials posted in the city and Cyberabad, who had earlier served in Naxal hit areas, are facing Moist threat. Still, they are requesting the director-general of police, Mr K. Aravinda Rao, to allot “ordinary” vehicle instead of bullet-proof cars to them.

This is because they are generally allotted old and unfit bullet-proof cars that frequently break down and are very slow. An IPS official of SP rank said, “We are using cars discarded by the ministers. Such cars trouble us on the roads. Often the gunmen have to push the cars to get them to start. The bullet-proof Ambassador cars are also very slow.” “Earlier, when Mr S.S.P. Yadav was the DGP, he used to give only bullet-proof cars. Now, several officers want Mr Aravinda Rao to allot normal vehicles. Most of the officials are using ordinary vehicles in the city,” he added.

Often when the bullet-proof cars allotted to the IPS officials break down, they cause traffic jams. This leaves the police officials more vulnerable as they are stranded on the road. “Senior officers of DG and additional DG ranks get relatively better vehicles. Officers junior to them are given ‘problematic’ cars,”. DC

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