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No high expectations please, it is only a webpage: Traffic police chief on FB

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Hyderabad: While candidly admitted that it does not have enough members who are proficient in English language, the Hyderabad Traffic Police on Wednesday requested all the ‘friends’ it has on the popular website ‘Facebook’ not to have exaggerated expectations.

“Some queries or questions are beyond our capacity,” the statement by the Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) CV Anand, admitted.

The refreshingly frank and honest statement also said that the city traffic police department had launched the Facebook page about six months ago to garner the response from the public as the website has become very popular all over the world, not only among the youth, but also across the various age groups. The webpage launch was without any fanfare or publicity.

“The Hyderabad Traffic Police already has over 3600 friends and likes on the webpage,” Mr Anand said.

The city traffic police chief further said that it was noticed that large section of commuters, especially the IT employees and youth do not read the news papers, do not watch the news channels, but are very active on the Face Book.

The FB page was created to reach out to this group, and keep them informed about the various Traffic Police initiatives on the enforcement, education and engineering front which are usually communicated through visual, electronic, print media and press notes, he said.

The city traffic police also cautioned its ‘friends’ on Facebook and those who intend to join it in the coming days that the lack of enough members proficient in English language has been the main obstacle to launch the facility officially.

“The Additional Commissioner (Traffic) and Deputy Commissioners and other officers would be responding to various queries but any mistakes in the language used may be over looked,” the statement said.

It added that senior traffic officers will be perusing the Face Book queries regularly and will be responding on important issues, sometimes even in Telugu.

The traffic police chief reminded that the facility is for mutual interaction and invited the webpage visitors to post feedback and suggestions and not find faults.

“Besides this, the Facebook facility may also be used to report violations which are seen on the road within the city limits by putting up a photograph or videograph with details like date, time and location of the violation on site,” Mr Anand pointed out.

The violations committed by police department vehicles and other government department vehicles which are not seriously booked by Traffic Police due to obvious reasons are also very much invited and challans will be sent to them, the traffic police chief said.

The city traffic police also said that the total vehicles in Hyderabad city (as on March 31, 2011) is about 23.5 lakh with an available manpower of just 2,900 personnel, including the 1600 Home Guards whose daily allowance is Rs 200.

This force works in two shifts from 8 AM to 2 PM and from 2 PM to 10 PM.(INN)

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