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No JLC on land issue sans debate: Govt tells TDP

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Hyderabad: The State government has made it clear to the Opposition parties in the Assembly on Thursday too that there was no question of appointing Joint Legislature Committee (JLC) or House Committee without any debate on land allotments in the name of Special Economic Zones and Industries. It will decide the issue only after a debate.

Responding to the main Opposition TDP’s repeated demand that the government should appoint JLC or House Committee on land issue, the government countered saying as to why the main Opposition party was scared of a debate. It also alleged that the Opposition party was scared of a discussion fearing some unexpected version might come from the Treasury benches.

On Thursday morning, the Major Industries Minister, Dr Geetha Reddy, asked how a doctor could begin treatment without diagnosis and said that without a debate the government would not appoint either JLC or House Committee on land allotments.

The TDP member, Mr Payyavula Keshav, said that the Congress government needed postmortem and not a diagnosis because it was on deathbed and hence his party was demanding JLC.

Responding to the remarks, the Revenue Minister, Mr N Raghuveera Reddy, said that according to parliamentary traditions, no government would appoint any committee without discussion. He also said that it was not proper for the Opposition parties to demand a JLC with conditions before the debate. He also said that the government would draft a Bill within a month to protect every inch of government land in the State.

The dissatisfied TDP members rushed to the Speaker’s podium raising slogans demanding setting up of JLC. The TDP members did not resume seats though the Deputy Speaker, Mr Nadendla Manohar, repeatedly requested them to go back to their seats. He adjourned the House for half-an-hour. The House resumed business at 12.30 pm. The Deputy Speaker allowed the House to pass some Bills hurriedly. Later, he allowed Mr Keshav to speak on the land issue.

Reiterating his demand for JLC, Mr Keshav asked the government as to why it was scared to appoint JLC when there was prima facie evidence in Emaar Properties land issue. He said that even the Solicitor General of India made five suggestions. Citing them, he said that the government should cancel the agreement and initiate criminal action against the offenders. He also chided the Revenue Minister for rejecting the demand of the Opposition.

Reacting to it, the Revenue Minister said that the House could not be run at the dictates of the Opposition party. Alleging that the Opposition was not ready for debate, he said that the government was ready to appoint JLC or House Committee depending upon the Opposition substantiates its point during debate. Asking the TDP as to why it was scared to participate in debate, he said that the TDP was panicked over the debate fearing that something against it might come from the ruling party on land issues.

On the other hand, the TDP members rushed towards the Speaker’s podium reiterating their demand. They continued slogan-shouting even though the Revenue Minister was talking on the issue. The TDP members continued their demand at the Speaker’s podium though the Deputy Speaker repeatedly requested them to resume their seats. At this moment, he has given a chance to the Industries Minister to speak. She said that it was not proper to the Opposition party to disturb the House even though the government made its stand clear. She alleged that the Opposition party was trying to disturb the climate of investments to the State. She said that the Opposition was also disturbing employment opportunities by resorting to irrelevant arguments. She also made the government’s stand clear amidst slogans at the podium.

An exasperated Deputy Speaker adjourned the House to Friday.

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