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No need for Assembly resolution on T: Advani

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BJP veteran leader L K Advani said here on Wednesday that a separate state of Telangana would be a reality by Jan.

1, 2012 in only the Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh gathered courage and introduced a Telangana bill in Parliament in its winter session.

Advani, whose Jan Chetana Yatra received tremendous response in the Telangana hinterland, addressed a public meeting at Exhibition Grounds in Nampally here.Besides explaining the reasons for his yatra, he also made a commitment to the people that the BJP would support the creation of smaller states, come what may.Good governance is possible only in smaller states, he said.”If a Telangana bill is introduced in the winter session in November, by the end of this year all formalities will be over and a new state will come into being by New Year’s Day.But the problem is no one at Delhi is able to take any decision in spite of over 600 suicides by Telangana youth and a strike that has been going on for 36 days.It’s shameful on the part of the government,” he remarked.Advani made it clear there is no need for any resolution by the current Assembly for formation of a separate state.”Nowhere is it mentioned in the Constitution that an Assembly resolution is required.

Under Article 3, a new state can be created by approving a bill with a simple majority in Parliament,” he said. The senior BJP leader said when he began his yatra in Bihar and traversed through India he had good support from people since they were vexed with the evils that plague India’s progress.

“But when I entered Telangana, the support was overwhelming. I saw in them anger and rage since they were cheated by the Centre which promised Telangana but did not deliver it. What the Centre did was vishwasghaat,” he said. Explaining the purpose of his yatra, Advani said everyone should take a vow to fight to ensure that Rs 25 lakh crore of black money salted away in foreign countries is brought back to India. “If only this Rs 25,000 core is invested in six lakh villages in the country, there would be no want.

There would be no village without electricity, roads, dispensaries, drinking water and schools,” he said. He said his yatra was not meant to win power.

“I want a new India. My yatra is not a preparation for elections. My yatra is not for me, not even for the BJP. It is for Bharat,” he said. Advani concluded his address by shouting pro-Telangana slogans. Senior leaders M Venkaiah Naidu, Bandaru Dattatreya, state BJP president G Kishan Reddy and others also spoke. Advani’s daughter Pratibha was seen recording her father’s speech on a video camera.

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