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No official succour likely for human guinea pigs

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Hyderabad: The controversial clinical trials came under a scanner but it is unlikely that the vulnerable sections of the Piduguralla in Guntur district, who were subjected to the clinical trials by a pharmaceuticals company recently in Hyderabad, would get any solace from the state government.

The government was of the opinion that it was not a new issue as such trials had been going on uninterrupted and unabated.

In fact the scope of such trials would increase as the underprivileged classes sector here offered the best ‘platform’ for those engaged in their experiments as the public representatives also did not seem to pay heed to the poor victims’ plight.

Earlier, Health Minister D L Ravindra Reddy had categorically stated that “it is an aberration of the system,” and that the poor labourers were transported to Hyderabad for a paltry amount and that action would be initiated against the culprits.

However, no detailed report on the issue has been sent to the Health Department, so far.

The government is waiting for a compliance report from the Drug Controller General of India .

Official sources said that there would not be any startling information even if the cited report has been received.

“There can be no ban as well on such clinical trials,” said a source.

It is a difficult proposition to dispense with the said trials stating that annual income on clinical trials amounted to Rs 2500 crore, according to rough estimations.

The fact that the state has become a hub of clinical trials for the multinationals, based abroad as well as those in the sub-continent, is rather sickening as the affected lot are ignorant of what is up their (the drug companies’, sleeves later.

The business goes on and there can be no ban on such transactions as the multinational companies were looking forward to India as the best platform for conducting such clinical trials.

Sources also made known that nothing wring happened and the poor women willingly came to the city to face such trials.

But the poor victims had no ‘idea’ at all that they were being treated like guinea pigs or rats or monkeys are used in laboratories, for ‘experiments’ to testify the drugs the pharmaceuticals companies were to manufacture after satisfied with the test of trials.

It is quite unethical to perform experiments on poor innocent women, much to their embarrassment.

It is also likely that the top brass of the pharmaceuticals company involved had no anxious moments as there is no Law to prosecute whoever was involved in such business conducting experiments on humans instead of trials on animals for study.

Surprisingly an Ethical Panel does exist, but only on paper.

Axis Clinicals Limited is currently engaged in bio-availability and non-equivalence studies and has a facility which included a pharmacology unit, besides a bio-analytical lab for drug analysis.

Several reasons have been attributed to the fact why drug companies based in India and abroad were more attracted to placing their orders here than go elsewhere.

They have a valid reason to come here because no representative takes cognisance of what went wrong despite brought to their notice of course with lip sympathy initially for not losing their grip on vote bank.

Interestingly the foreign drug companies found that they have a technically strong workforce, abundant patient availability and a friendly drug-control system.

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