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Not possible to put Telangana agitation on hold: Swamy Goud

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Hyderabad: Reacting to requests by some senior state Congress leaders that the Telangana statehood agitation should be put on a temporary pause till the time Congress president Sonia Gandhi recuperates and returns to active public life, TNGOs president Swamy Goud on Saturday said that this was impossible.

“The separate Telangana agitation was not paused even when the separate statehood spearhead Professor Kothapalli Jayashankar passed away. Why should it be put on hold when Ms Sonia Gandhi is ill?,” Mr Swamy Goud questioned.

“We are praying that Ms Gandhi recovers fully and returns to the country soon. But her absence does not mean that the agitation will be put on hold,” the TNGOs president said.

He was speaking outside the residence of Rajya Sabha Member K Kesava Rao, where he had gone to meet the members of the Telangana Congress Steering Committee which was meeting there.

Mr Swamy Goud urged the Legislators to resubmit their resignations and keep on doing so however number of times the resignations are rejected.

The TNGOs president said that those leaders who resign and support the separate statehood agitation will remain leaders, otherwise they would be known as ‘former’ leaders.(INN)

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