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Now, Google for local bus services

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Hyderabad: Are you tech-savvy, but always find it difficult to figure out something as simple as a bus route? Well now finding a bus ride need no longer mean poring over boring bus timetables. All you need to make your way around Hyderabad on the public transport is just a click of your mobile button or computer mouse.

Because, on Wednesday Hyderabad logged onto Google Maps’ Transit feature that provides detailed local bus transit services free of cost to users. It enables users to access bus routes on the net from the comfort of their homes or offices or even while on the move on their mobiles by just logging onto Google Map . The bus transit services have been added on to the driving directions services that are already available on Google Maps for those using their own transport.

All one needs to do is enter one’s starting location, destination, date and time of travel, and within seconds one can get precise details of the bus routes, bus stops, bus numbers, their timings and the total amount of time it would take to get there. It also gives walking time and distance details along each of those routes. “The addition of local bus services in Hyderabad to Google India Transit will help millions of commuters and visitors in the city to explore public transportation options as they search for directions or locations, and encourage alternatives to driving,” Kapil Goswami from Google India’s business development said in a blogpost.

With this service, Google has mapped 446 APSRTC bus routes criss-crossing Hyderabad, with plans afoot to keep adding other modes of public transport, a Google spokesperson said. “We work through tie-ups with local transportation authorities in various cities. The entire data on Hyderabad’s bus services, which are run by APSRTC, was collected and as we go along, we will keep adding various modes of transport like we did in Mumbai and Delhi where transit services of local trains and metro rail are also mapped along with bus services,” the spokesperson explained.

Google first unveiled its Transit services in India in the middle of 2010 and currently seven cities, including Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Ahmedabad, have their public transport mapped on it. Globally, the services are available in 447 cities. TOI

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