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Number Of Spinning Mills To Be Doubled In State

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Hyderabad, Feb.9 (NSS): The Minister for Handlooms and Textiles, Dr P Shankar Rao on Wednesday informed that the number of spinning mills would be doubled in the state in the next five years and that would ensure consumption of our total produce of the cotton.

Speaking to the media in the secretariat here after meeting with the representatives of A P Spinning Mills Association and State Weavers Cooperative Societies Federation, Dr Shankar Rao said that the Congress government has taken up various measures to stop the distressed weavers from resorting to extreme steps. He also disliked to spell the word “weavers’ suicides”. Reminding that there were mere 40 spinning mills prior to Congress Government in the state, he reminded that the spinning mills were increased to 130 in the last six years ie during the Congress Government.

Claiming that the number of spinning mills would be doubled in the next fives years in the state, the Minister disclosed that the setting up of 40 spinning mills in the state was under process. Listing out the pro-textile sector initiatives of the state government, he said that the initiative of reimbursement of 50 percent of the VAT to the mills was nowhere in the Country except in Andhra Pradesh. The Government was also offering subsidy of 70 paisa per unit of power.

Stating that the cotton production was highest in Telangana than Seemandhra, he reminded that Telangana was producing 75 percent of total cotton production in the state. The average production in Telangana was 53 lakh bales per year, he added.

Reminding that the price of yarn was increased by 65 percent in the recent years, the Minister informed that the A P Spinning Mills Association has assured to discuss the request of the State Government to reduce the price of yarn in the state. He also informed that reeling machines would be supplied to cooperative societies within two months that would facilitate them to prepare cones themselves.

The Chairman of A P Spinning Mills Association Chairman, Mr R K Agarwal said that cotton price has gone up from Rs 23,000 to Rs 50,000 per candy in the last year resulting in the hike in the price of the yarn. It has shown impact on the end users – handloom weavers and power looms. He expressed satisfaction that the power supply to them was stable and without cut in this year. He expressed happiness over the announcement of the Transco that there would be no power cut in this year’s summer for the industries.

The Andhra Pradesh Weavers Cooperative Societies Federation President, Mr D Virupaksham urged the state government to introduce levy system in yarn on the line of paddy. The Government should get the yarn from the spinning mills and supply to the weavers at subsidized rate, he added. He also demanded for exemption of VAT which being implemented 4% on Cone.

The Commissioner of Textiles and Handloomsm Mr D Naresh and others were also present. (NSS)

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