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One-man govt against Telangana protagonists, common man suffers

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Hyderabad: In addition to what the state exchequer suffered in terms of financial losses due to Ministers’ and MLAs’ ‘paid holiday’, the 18-day non-cooperation movement launched by the Telangana employees earlier, the frequent bandhs called by the protagonists of separate statehood also took a heavy toll on the state’s coffers.

With the recurrent bandhs imposed, production declined and February 14 to March 4, non-cooperation stir by the 2.85 lakh staff, among others, led to an overall loss of Rs 8000 crore, according to estimations.

This figure is likely to mount by the end of the year as over six lakh employees are expected to join the indefinite strike from next month. The losses will undoubtedly leave the government reeling under the heavy beating.

During the previous strike, the output of the Singareni Collieries fell drastically, more than one lakh tons daily. Coal will have to be imported if the same trend continued.

Incidentally, the self-proclaimed champion of Telangana statehood and Telangana Rashtra Samithi president K Chandrasekhar Rao had only described the same Singareni Collieries as ‘God’s Gift to Telangana.’

Besides this, the state run Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation had also registered heavy losses. Added to this, the fall in collections of registration and stamps nosedived.

The fall in revenue inputs is also being attributed to the low turnout at the famous pilgrim centres. Unrest in Telangana had hit the pilgrims’ visits to the places of worship, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, Tirupati, topping the list of temples.

Friday’s bandh, second in this month, was announced on Thursday evening, leaving many people high and dry.

Those on long distance journeys on trains and RTC buses received a jolt.

Vehicle owners were coerced to queue up and bear a lengthy waits at the petrol bunks, not to speak of the patients who bore the brunt as auto-rickshaws too went off the roads along with the RTC fleet.

With the buses off the roads, the private operators made a fast buck which means that the Telangana leaders indirectly encouraged the ‘mafia’ in the garb of private transporters dominating the roads. The commuters were being fleeced by the said mafia in the absence of RTC services.

Prices of essential commodities naturally followed the upward trend and the road side vendors whose business was slumped affected their daily earnings.

They downed the shutters not because they had love for the leadership but for fear of them and the local goons employed by the leaders who played havoc, said a small trader.

Even otherwise, the fate of the Secretariat is inexplicable. Attendance is not worth mentioning.

Now the bandh induced all and sundry to desert their offices. The Secretariat Telangana Employees’ Association leader Suresh said that they were extending full support to the Telangana leaders and the attendance was approximately nil.

Sincere students apart, their parents are now a worried lot.

A parent said that hardly the schools and colleges had reopened, when came the bandh calls, five in a row.

The next proposed bandh is on July 27, which has been called by AP Students JAC to protest against delay in issue of text books, dresses for school students, and over fee reimbursement.

The N Kiran Kumar Reddy government has no answer for the plight of the commoner and for all this phenomenal losses perpetrated by the vested interests.

Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy seems to be swimming against strong currents quite alone and has been trying to put up a brave show. The Chief Minister is presently on a two day tour in Nellore and Chittoor districts.

All said and done, Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy’s government is at the receiving end and held reprehensible for allowing a free run by the mafias, black marketers and most of all the Telangana leaders including his own Ministerial colleagues who are firm on keeping aloof so long as their demand are not conceded.

The Chief Minister’s functioning, without Ministers’ assistance, is being seen as a solo flight trying to sustain the irritants enroute.

Meanwhile, the common man is being sandwiched between the convenors of bandh and the happy-go-lucky one-man government.(INN)

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