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Over 1,000 cops pay Rs 3 lakh for violating traffic norms

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Hyderabad: A bid to taste its own medicine is proving too bitter for the Hyderabad City Police.

Apparently to prove that most of the policemen in the city were law abiding, the traffic wing has started a special drive against police vehicles on August 11th. But it took just seven days for the city police to realise that it is easier to implement laws by force, but very hard to follow the same.

In a Special Drive that lasted for just seven days, the Hyderabad City Traffic Police has booked 1,369 cases and all the cases were related to humman error. Just have a look at the list:

Wrong side driving – 155

Stop line violation – 163

Signal jumping – 90

Wrong parking – 279

Triple riding – 42

Cell phone driving – 13

Irregular No Plate – 403

Improper documents – 224

All these traffic offences were clearly avoidable. However, the policemen might have thought that the laws were meant only for the general public and their duty was to enforce those laws upon the people. But the unique drive started by Additional CP (Traffic) CV Anand has unmasked the ‘human face’ of policemen of making traffic violations.

The Traffic Police have also collected fine amount of Rs. 3,28,600 from the above mentioned traffic violation. However, it is not clarified whether the violaters paid the fine amount from their pockets and the same would be paid by the department.

“Apart from the manual challan, photos were taken by Surveillance Cameras and still cameras with our traffic police personnel and 45 e-Challans were generated against the police vehicles in the last one week,” CV Anand said. The new Face Book facility also led to posting of photographs of violations by police vehicles and 4 e-Challans were issued based on the photographs uploaded on face book.

From Friday onwards, Hyderabad Traffic Police will be booking the violations on all government vehicles, apart from the police vehicles. The statistics of traffic violation by cops indicate that the figures related to violation by government vehicles would be more shocking. (INN)

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