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PCC chief directs spokespersons to continue

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Hyderabad: The new PCC Chief, Mr Botcha Satyanarayana, has directed the present official spokespersons to continue in their posts as usual till the new team was elected. He said that the party spokespersons have to address the media effectively gathering required information from the ministers concerned.

Mr Botcha had a meeting with the PCC official spokespersons, who were available at Gandhi Bhavan on Monday. Taking their views into consideration, he advised the spokespersons not to speak with the media vaguely. He also advised them to respond effectively to the news published in the newspapers with perfect information.

Later, in an informal chat with mediapersons, Mr Botcha said that he spoke with the Mahbubnagar party leaders, Ms D K Aruna and Mr Jupally Krishna Rao, four days ago and got an assurance from them that they would sort out their problems themselves. He said that Mr Jupally heeded to his advice and completed his ‘padayatra’ in a day in Ms D K Aruna’s Gadwal Assembly constituency. He also made it clear that no Congress MLA should visit other constituencies without their permission in future.

According to sources, the PCC Chief was thinking of appointing his new team only after having deliberations with the existing members.

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