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PC’s talk of consensus exposed Govt’s Bankruptcy: Kishen Reddy

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Hyderabad: BJP State President Mr G Kishen Reddy has took the Union Home Minister Mr P Chidambaram to task, saying his statement in the Lok Sabha that a consensus was needed for creation of separate Telangana state showed the total bankruptcy and deceitful nature of the Union Government, which had gone back on it’s December 9, 2009 announcement.

Speaking to the media here on Sunday, along with Vice-President Mr S Malla Reddy and official spokesperson Mr SVSS Prabahar, Mr Kishen Reddy said the President of India should intervene in the matter and order for eliciting public opinion in Telangana on the statehood demand, to know whether majority of the people were in favour of it or opposed to it. He said the speech of Mrs Sushma Swaraj in the Lok Sabha was hailed by all the people of Telangana, and some of them even conducted ‘palabhishekam’ for her photographs.

He said the Union Government back tracking on the Telangana issue, after the December 9, 2009 statement, has not only exposed its bankruptcy, but also amounted to mockery of the sacrifices of those who had laid down their lives for separate Telangana. He charged both the Congress and the TDP of betraying the people of Telangana with their duel policies. It was because of this, more and more people of Telangana were resorting to suicides.

The BJP leader questioned how consensus was possible when the people, elected representatives and even Ministers of the two regions was divided.

Mr Kishen Reddy condemned the statement of Congress Mp Mr K Sambasiva Rao who said that the BJP had only two MLAs in the State. He pointed out that not only BJP, but the MLAs, MLCs and Ministers pf the entire Telangana region were supporting separate Telangana. Mr Sambasiva Rao who could not set right things in his party, has no right to talk about BJP, he added He also said that the Congress has only four seats in Bihar Assembly and same is the case with U P Assembly. Does it mean the Congress members from these two States should not speak on their respective State affairs, he asked.

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