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People are for Telangana sentiment not TRS: TNSF

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Hyderabad: The Telugu Nadu Students Federation has condemned disruption of the meetings organized by Telangana TDP by the TRS activists and workers of its affiliate organizations.

Mr Nannuri Narsi Reddy, TNSF State president, in a statement here on Wednesday, stated that while every organization had a right to express its protest in a democracy, no one had any right to attack others. He warned that if such attacks continued, counter-attacks would be inevitable. He also alleged that the TRS was trying to project itself as the sole champion of the Telangana cause by physically attacking other parties with a view to weaken them. He said that the four crores people of Telangana were after the Telangana sentiment and not TRS and it would be better if the TRS understood this fact. He advised the TRS to stop inciting students and make them attack other parties.

Mr Narsi Reddy has alleged that the TRS was trying to encash on the sacrifices of the students and gain politically. He said the day when the people would teach the ‘political brokers’ like KCR a befitting lesson was not far off. “KCR has said that if there was lathi-charge or firing, the first sacrifice would be mine. But though 600 students laid their lives for Telangana, you are safe. How many lathis or bullets you and your family members face? What are the sacrifices of your family members? You always say that it would be either achieving Telangana or KCR laying down his life. The 600 students, who laid down their lives, never said they would do so. You are inciting the students to lay down their lives by repeatedly reminding them about those who sacrificed their lives. On the other hand, you make a mockery of the students by asking if they had come down from heaven. It is a shame that instead of concentrating on bringing pressure on Sonia Gandhi and the Union government, you are concentrating on attacking other parties,” Mr Narsi Reddy stated in his press release.

Ridiculing the ‘Patnam Roadlalo Poyyi” programme of the TRS, he said despite it, the Congress president, Ms Sonia Gandhi, has said that she could not decide on the Telangana issue, the very next day. Stating that Telangana could be achieved only through a united fight, Mr Narsi Reddy said that Mr Chanddrasekhara Rao should shun his ‘mean’ politics at least now and change his style of functioning.

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