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People Of ‘T’ Should United And Grow As A Political Force: KCR

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TRS chief K Chandrasekhara Rao has called upon the people of  Telangana to unite and grow as a political force, to achieve statehood for the region.

Addressing a massive public meeting here on the occasion of the TDP MLA Koppula Hariswar Reddy joining his party, he said he would fight the people’s war, if sword was given to him, in an appeal to the people to vote for his party in the next elections. “How can I fight the war, if you give the sword to someone else”, KCR has questioned the people amid cheers.

KCR has lambasted the Congress, TDP and the YSR Congress also. He said, “some are promising Indiramma Rajyam, some are stating Chandranna Rajyam will come. Others are promising of Rajanna Rajyam. Have we not seen all these Rajyams and how they have exploited us? Chandra Babu Naidu and Dr. Y S Rajasekhara Reddy are Telangana traitors. Why do we want their rule back?” he has questioned.

KCR has said that both the TDP and the YSR Congress had undertaken pada yatras only for power. He said their love for people was false. Referring to the TDP’s new plan to attract the BCs, KCR has said it was only his party that gave prominence to the BCs. He said both the TDP and the TDP and the YSR Congress were now promising umpteen things to the people only with an eye on power.

Charging Congress of betraying the people of Telangana, he said, “I was called to Delhi.
I went there. They asked me to merge my party in Congress. I agreed to it. Still there was no response from the Congress leaders”.

Stating that the Pranahita – Chevella project was just an eye wash, KCR has said it was totally unfeasible. Asking the people to trust him, he said he would bring irrigation water to RR district and it was his responsibility. He said people of Telangana only want their right to rule themselves and not freebies like one rupee a kg rice scheme. He has alleged that there was no progress in Telangana when YSR and Chandra Babu Naidu ruled the state. He has reminded the people that farmers were shot at by the police when they protestd against power tariff hike when Naidu was the Chief Minister. He said his party would stand by the Muslim minorities, BCs and the poor in upper castes also. He said compulsory education would be implemented even for the poor I upper castes.

Referring to the Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy, he said it was not clear how long he would continue.

He said if five MLAs come out, the government would fall. He said it was the right time for tightening grip on the Telangana movement. He has reminded the people that in 1956, Telangana was merged in Andhra forcefully. (NSS)


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