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Permanent solution to Telangana likely by November: TRS

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New Delhi: The permanent solution to the long pending Telangana issue seems nearing. According to Congress leaders from the Telangana region said that they got indications from the Congress High Command to the effect that with the process beginning from August this year.

The Congress High Command is trying various options to ensure that the leaders from the region take back their resignations. But one of them said that they cannot settle for anything less than the formation of a Telangana state. He said “We cannot withdraw the resignations as we have made a promise to the people of Telangana and there is no going back on that” .

Meanwhile, General Secretary of Telangana Rashtra Samithi Subhash Reddy said that the government will have no option but to divide the state of Andhra Pradesh. He said that the reports that they have been getting is that the state will be divided and Hyderabad would be a common capital.

He said “The TRS has no problems with this provided it is only for five years. We are getting the right signals from the central government regarding the formation of Telangana, but it is to be seen how much time they would take.”

He further said that the government will have to take into consideration the opinion of the rest of the MLAs too. There are attempts being made to hold meetings with the MLAs from the rest of Andhra Pradesh and there is no option but to come to a final settlement, he added.

Rumours are running that President Rule may be imposing in Andhra Pradesh by the end of the month. However, sources in the government have denied such reports, saying that these rumours are being spread by Telangana protagonists.

Expressing his opinion on the state of affairs Subhash Reddy said “The situation is likely to worsen from July 25 onwards when the Telangana activists will forcibly pull down boards bearing the name Andhra Pradesh state and replace it with Telangana state boards,”

“What has worried the government even more is that there is a clear divide today which one can see in Hyderabad. Moreover, some of the Telangana activists have been telling us that Andhra officials will not be tolerated henceforth in the region. It is time they leave this place and work in their region,” he said.

The Telangana activists have become more aggressive. There have been instances where members of the non-Telangana fraternity have been attacked and this rift within the state is only proving to be an ugly affair.(INN)

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