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Polavaram present design not viable: Expert

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Hyderabad: Terming the present design of the Polavaram Multi Purpose Project as unviable as it would result in the submergence of about two lakh acres of productive farm land and about 300 villages and it would deprive the livelihood of about two lakh people, most of them are tribals, a former Chief Engineer in the Irrigation Department, Mr Dharma Rao has come out with an alternative proposal for this project.

According to Mr Dharma Rao, the project, as per the existing model would benefit only those plains areas that were already developed that too at the detriment of large chunk of tribal population. Going by the alternative proposal of Mr Dharma Rao, the project would comprises barrages, tunnels and small balancing reservoirs avoiding social conflicts and reasons of resistance. There would not be any submergence and displacement of the people, and this apart it would also ensure generation of about 500 MW of power. Moreover, the proposed model would not go beyond the State borders and hence would not involve the neighbouring States. It is based on the highly developed technology.

Speaking to the media here on Wednesday, the Central University Professor, Mr Hara Gopal said that there seems no justification in the demand from Seemandhra region people for the National status for the Polavaram, whereas on the other hand there was a demand for a separate State citing grave injustice in allocation of justified share in water resources over the last 60 years. He also said that the people should pressurize governments to review the multipurpose projects if they are detrimental to their lives. He further noted that unlike in the past when the common people endorsed the multi purpose projects, the present generation was increasingly opposing them, since they prove detrimental to their very existence.

Noted educationist and MLC, Mr Chukka Ramaiah said that huge dams are ought not to be at the cost of the common people. (NSS)

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