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Police say husband killed Jaipal’s niece

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Hyderabad: The police on Wednesday said that Chaitanya Reddy, husband of Kiran Reddy, the niece of Union Minister for Petroleum S Jaipal Reddy, has confessed to having smothered his wife to death with a pillow. However, the accused has said that the confession had been made under duress.

Talking to media persons here, Deputy Commissioner of Police (West Zone) Stephen Ravindra said that Chaitanya Reddy has admitted to having smothered his wife to death with a pillow in a moment of anger, following an argument between the two.

“Chaitanya Reddy has confessed that he had smothered his wife in a moment of anger following an argument between the two,” the police officer said. “He later tried to erase traces of the crime,” Mr Ravindra continued.

The DCP said that the couple had argued after Kiran Reddy had objected to Chaitanya Reddy consuming too much liquor at a party. The couple’s arguments continued even when they reached home. “Chaitanya Reddy was hurt that his wife had argued with him in front of his friends and that was the reason behind his anger,” the police officer said.

Mr Ravindra revealed that Chaitanya Reddy, who was earlier being taken under custody, was formally arrested after his confession.

However, the doctor has contradicted the police claims and said that the confession was made under force, while being taken to Court.
Earlier, Kiran Reddy, a 26-year-old dermatologist was declared as brought dead by the doctors of the Apollo Hospital on Saturday after she was found ‘unconscious’ as claimed by her in-laws.

Chaitanya Reddy had then said that he and his wife had returned home late after a party hosted by Kiran Reddy’s brother on Friday night, after which she had gone to sleep in a separate room.

“She was found unconscious and rushed to the hospital,” Chaitanya Reddy had claimed then.

Howver, Kiran Reddy’s family had cast doubts on the claims and the police had changed the case into suspicious death. accused Chaitanya Reddy and his family of playing a part in her death.

Mr Ravindra had told media persons on Tuesday that, “the entire autopsy was videographed and inquest was conducted by the Revenue official. Currently, questioning of suspects, that is in-laws, husband and brother-in-law is underway. Further action will be taken based on circumstantial and scientific evidence.”(INN)

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