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Police solve murder mystery case & arrested the culprits

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MurderRavi Kumar R/o Rajaendernagar, RR Dist., orally informed that his cousin by name Arun Kumar Goud sent an e-mail to him through his email id attaching the photos of Chandrashekar Goud resident of SR Nagar, who is the brother-in-law of Arun Kumar. After verifying those photos and suspecting foul play, he enquired with Vijay Babu Goud resident of Balanagar brother of Chandrashekar, whether Chandrashekar was available or not, Upon which they searched for Chandrashekar in all possible places, but they could not traced. As then on 5th December Mrs.D.Ramulamma mother of Chandrashekar lodged a complaint with PS S.R.Nagar with regard to the missing of her son, and on which a case in Cr.No. 961/2013 U/H Man Missing was registered at SR Nagar PS and took up the investigation.

During the investigation the investigating officer took the custody of Arun Kumar Goud and interrogated him thoroughly where in it is revealed that they performed the marriage of his elder sister Sandhya with Chandrashekar in the year 2007 and after seven months of the marriage his sister lodged a harassment complaint with C-2 police station of Chennai city and simultaneously she took divorce from her husband, wherein her husband agreed to return her dowry amount as well as her residential flat situated at Balanagar. But after the divorce Chandrashekar failed to keep his promise and postponing it under a frivolous pretext or other and also used to abuse Sandhya and her brother Arun Kumar Goud as and when they insisted upon him to return their property.In this regard Arun Kumar Goud tried to negotiate with his brother-in-law along with his friends Mohd Younus Pasha,Shiva and Madhu resident of Jagathgirigutta by visiting the residence of Chandra shekar Goud in Balkampet now and then, but there was no fruitful result.Vexed with this,Arun Kumar Goud bore grudge against his brother-in-law Chandrashekar and decided to eliminate him for and he hatched a plan with his friends,in which Arun Kumar Goud offered an amount of rupees 6 lakhs to his friends Mohd Younus Pasha,Shiva and Madhu to eliminate his brother-in-law for which his friends agreed and was waiting for chance.

While so as per their plan on 4th December on instructions of Arun Kumar Goud over phone, his friends Mohd Younus Pasha,Shiva and Madhu entered the residence of Chandrashekar through an unlatched door with a hand kerchief wrapped with spirit and methanol and kept the same on his nose while he was in deep sleep. Due to which Chandrashekar become unconscious, then with an intention to eliminate him they shifted him into a car and on the way to a isolate place to eliminate him. On the way when they reached to Ananthagiri at Vikarabad of RR they found Chandrashekar dead and informed it to Arun Kumar Goud over phone and on his advise they throw the body of Chandrashekar in Ananthagiri forest near Vikarabad, RR Dist. Only on the posting of deceased photo in the face book SR nagar Police of West Zone took initiative and chased this mystery.

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