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Ponnam Decries Kodandaram’s Utterances Against T-Cong Leaders

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Hyderabad: Criticising the statements made by the Political JAC convener, Prof. M. Kodandaram, against Telangana Congress legislators, the Karimnagar MP, Mr Ponnam Prabhakar, has advised the JAC leaders to organize counseling to Telangana leaders to participate in the movement. He also advised the JAC convenor not to fall in the trap of Seemandhra rulers, who were trying to create differences among the Telangana leaders to weaken the movement.

Addressing the media at Assembly media point on Saturday, along with Telangana Congress MLAs and MLCs, Mr Prabhakar said that Prof. Kodandaram has to give a call against the leaders who fail to participate in the movement even after the counseling.

He also warned the former that the Congress leaders would not keep quiet if anybody attacked them following Prof. Kodandaram’s call. Pointing out that the Congress elected representatives of the region were protesting in Parliament and in Assembly over the Telangana issue, he said that it was not right for Prof. Kodandaram, to give a call against the Congress leaders. He also requested the Jubilee Hills MLA, Mr P. Vishnuvardhan Reddy, and the Marketing and Warehousing Minister, Mr Mukesh Goud, to participate in the Telangana movement.


Declaring that the Telangana Congress leaders would lodge a complaint with the President, Ms Pratibha Patil, against the Governor, Mr E S L Narasimhan, if he failed to change his hostile attitude towards Telangana issue, Mr Prabhakar alleged that Mr Narasimhan was seriously trying for President’s rule in the State and towards that end, he was sending false reports to the Centre on the Telangana issue.

Explaining that Telangana State was not an issue of ‘separation’ but an issue of ‘demerger’, Mr Ponnam said that the Telangana Congress leaders would seek cooperation of the Seemandhra leaders, especially the leaders like Mr Gade Venkata Reddy and Mr J C Diwakar Reddy in this regard.

Warning the Vijayawada MP, Mr Lagadapati Rajagopal, not to advocate against separate Telangana further, the Karimnagar MP said that the Telangana Congress leaders would be constrained to teach him a lesson.
Urging the Chief Minister, Mr N. Kiran Kumar Reddy, not to “harass” the Telangana employees participating in the Non-Cooperation Movement by threatening that they would lose salary, Mr Prabhakar said that the government has to protect the employees.

The AICC secretary and MLC, Mr Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy, urged the APSRTC Chairman, Mr M Satyanarayana Rao, to withdraw the GO that stated that the salary of the employees, who participated in the 48-hour bandh, would be cut for two days.

Finding fault with the statements of Prof. Kodandaram, Mr Ponguleti said that the JAC convenor should refrain from issuing ‘Fatwas’ against the Congress leaders. Requesting the Seemandhra leaders not to obstruct creation of separate State, he alleged that only six leaders were trying to sabotage formation of Telangana State.

The Congress MLAs, Mr Cheruku Muthyam Reddy, Mr Ch. Lingaiah and Mr S Satyanarayana were present.
Earlier, the Warangal DCC president and MLA, Mr Gandra Venkataramana Reddy, urged the Seemandhra leaders to cooperate with the Centre in creation of separate State because the Telangana movement went into the hands of the people of the region.

Urging the Political JAC not to target the Telangana Congress leaders, the Station Ghanpur MLA, Dr T. Rajaiah, urged the JAC leaders not to burn effigies of Telangana Congress leaders, who were also participating in the movement since February 28. (NSS)

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