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Protection for non striking employees sought

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Hyderabad: Demanding that the state government take immediate measures to protect the Seemandhra employees settled in Telangana region, Telugu Desam Party MLA Linga Reddy on Saturday lashed out at the pro-Telangana activists for issuing a threats of physical attacks on these employees.

Speaking to media persons at the TDLP on Assembly premises, Mr Linga Reddy said that the threat of physical attacks against the ‘settlers’ hailing from Seemandhra regions if they do not participate in the general strike in Telangana region are not proper.

“The government must take measures for protection of employees not participating in the strike,” the MLA said and added that, “all agitations should be carried out in the Gandhian way.”

Mr Linga Reddy continued, “Inciting the students and the people towards violent acts amounts to violation of the Human Rights and liberties enshrined in the Constitution.”

The TDP leader from Kadapah district said that the situation has come to a stage where the settlers from Andrha and Rayalaseema have become second class citizens in Hyderabad.(INN)

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