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Pule-Ambedkar idealism necessary for achieving Telangana says lawyers

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Hyderabad, April 10: April 10 (NSS): The Telangana Lawyers Forum for Social Justice (TLFSJ) has opined that socialist Telangana could be achieved through the movement taking Pule-Ambedkar idealism as inspiration.

The TLFSJ has celebrated Phule-Ambedkar birth anniversary here on Sunday. Later it burnt the Justice Srikrishna Committee report papers. Speaking on the occasion, the TLFSJ leaders suggested the backward class leaders to take the leadership of Telangana movement to achieve Separate State. The leaders opined that the movement has to bring pressure on Centre and State on Telangana issue. The TLFSJ has also demanded the Centre to cancel the eighth chapter of the Justice Srikrishna Committee.

Mr Srinivas Vaddemani, Mr Janardhan Goud, Mr Sai Krishna Azad, Mr Krishna, Ms Jaya Vindhyala, Ms Rupa Takur Singh, Mr P Srihari, Mr S Sagar Goud, Mr Sampath Kumar, Mr Bhukya Saida Nayak, Mr Babu Rao, Mr Juluri Gouri Shankar participated while Mr Ch Venkat Yadav presided over the occasion. (NSS)

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