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Pyla stood by the poor, recall speakers

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Hyderabad, April 10 (NSS): The services of noted communist leader, late Pyla Vasudeva Rao were recalled by several speakers who said he was the leader who always stood by and fought for the common people during his entire life of four decades in the revolutionary movement. They were speaking at a memorial lecture organized on the eve of his first death anniversary.

The memorial lecture “Four Decades long Revolutionary movement: First Death Anniversary of Pyla Vasudeva Rao” was organized under the auspices of the Pyla Vasudeva Rao Memorial Committee.

The CPI (ML-New Democracy) party central committee member,  Mr. Y  Sambhashiva Rao, who was the chief guest, said that right from the moment he joined the party late Vasudeva Rao had fought for the cause of the common people till he breathed his last. He had unflinching faith in the common people and also in the capability of the politics of armed struggle, he recollected. The late leader always felt that the common people had to be roped in the movement through picking up their tribulations, he added. He also said that the late Vasudeva Rao had never aired his opinion which ran counter to the decision of the party. He noted that Vasudeva Rao was not only a great leader, but also a good artiste as he used to enthuse the party cadres with his inspiring songs. “Striving to usher in an era of a new society in which all the people come together and devoid of wars” is the fitting tribute that could we pay to Vasudeva Rao, he stated.

Reminding his association with the late Vasudeva Rao, noted journalist, Mr.  Mallepalli Laxmaiah said that he always used to say that we have to believe, respect and love the common people. Describing the late leader as the one who dedicated his life selflessly for the wellbeing of the society and a true communist leader who had never backtracked in the face of adversities, he stated that we have to remember him as a man who always stood on behalf of and fought for the cause of common people.

The Revolutionary Writers Association (VIRASAM) member, Mr.  Varavara Rao said that the Naxalbari movement based on the slogan “land for the tiller” has inspired many people and those who propound it would take recourse to the armed struggle in order to achieve it. The then land struggle has become an integral part of the fight  against  the imperialistic forces now, he claimed.  He said that the goal of political power to the labourer could be materialised only through the armed struggle. Stating that all regional parties in the country were succumbing to the enticements and virtually deviated from the purpose for which they were established, he noted that it was only the Communist party that would strongly resist the imperialistic forces in the present era. Referring to adivasis, he said that they were the only people in the country who have been genuinely protesting against the selfish imperialistic forces and the Telangana Armed Struggle had supplied them with the morale and arms required to take forward the struggle. He further stated that only a revolution can provide a suitable panacea for all kinds of maladies plaguing the society.

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