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Ramzan beckons Hyderabad ulemas to foreign shores

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With Ramzan just about a few days away, many ulema (scholars of Islam) from the twin cities are busy packing their bags to fly abroad while some have already departed. And this is no holiday they are going for but are touring countries across the globe during the holy month to deliver religious discourses and perform special prayers, on special invitation. This year, a large number of scholars have been invited to Gulf nations apart from countries like Malaysia and Indonesia among others. There are also some who are headed to the US and UK, yielding to the request of their followers and devouts.

During the fasting month, “Rozedars” (those observing fast) in various places abroad seek the help of scholars from the city to guide them through the prayers. The ulema conduct Taraveeh prayers (special prayers performed at night during Ramzan), Dars-e-Quran (a recitation and explanation of the Quran) and various religious programmes that are specially conducted during the 30-day period.

For instance, renowned scholar Maulana Syed Ziauddin Naqshbandi, a professor at Jamia Nizamia, Hyderabad, an Islamic institution, will be spending 10 days in Jeddah and 10 days in Madina conducting Taraveeh prayers as well as holding lectures followed by question and answer sessions every day. Similarly, Maulana Mohammed Khaja Shareef, also a professor of Jamia Nizamia will be in Kuwait to deliver lectures on ethics in Islam as well as doing Dars-e-Quran. Maulana Shareef, who is invited to Kuwait by his students and followers based there, has been going to Kuwait during Ramzan for more than a decade delivering eight to nine lectures during his stay.

“Most NRIs prefer calling eminent scholars from their hometowns in India as they find them more reliable and well-informed when it comes to performing prayers or giving speeches during the holy month. With a large number of ulemas concentrated in India, it is an annual practice for many scholars to go abroad on invitation during this month. For, every Muslim takes out time for prayers,” said a maulana from the city. He added that these scholars are invited by the Muslim associations in western nations as well and all their expenses are taken care of.

Scholars note that these initiatives help the believers refresh lessons in discipline, moral values and also religion. “People are increasingly losing touch with their spiritual side as they go about their busy lives. During this month through such speeches and prayers, they get solace,” a scholar added.

Sources said that many organizations hosting the Muslim clerics also make generous donations to their madrassas. However, this practice has been on the wane after 9/11. But it is not completely over, the source added. TOI

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