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Resignations are redundant, will not do so: Toorpu

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Hyderabad: Congress MLA from Sangareddy Toorpu Jaya Prakash Reddy alias Jagga Reddy on Friday made it clear that he would not tender his resignation along with his party colleagues but instead fight for separate statehood by remaining part of the state Assembly.

Jagga Reddy’s statement is in direct contradiction to the decision announced earlier in the day by the Congress Legislators from Telangana that they would submit their resignations for the cause of Telangana state on July 4.

“Why should I resign when the people of my constituency have not asked me to do so?. I will not resign but fight for separate Telangana while retaining my MLA post,” Mr Jaya Prakash Reddy told media persons after attending the Telangana Congress leaders meeting at Exhibition Grounds along with other party leaders.

Mr Jaya Prakash Reddy said that people are not seeking resignations of leaders for the cause of statehood.

However, he hastened to add that he would extend his ‘total cooperation to the statehood agitation,’ even while rejecting the proposal of resignations en mass.

“I will never resign from my elected post for the cause of Telangana, but instead fight for the separate state by staying in the party, and along the people of my constituency people,” Jagga Reddy said.

When asked about the Telangana Congress and TDP leaders submitting resignations, he said that, that was their personal decision. “I will not comment on their personal decisions,” the Sangareddy MLA said.

When the reporters insisted that he reveal more details about the reasons behind his hesitation to submit his resignation, Mr Jaya Prakash Reddy said “Nothing will happen with the resignation of elected representatives except falling of the government and conducting of elections. The leaders can mount pressure on the Centre without resigning to their posts also.” (INN)

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