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Resignations will have no affect on govt functioning: Chief Secretary

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Hyderabad: Chief Secretary SV Prasad denied that there is any lull in the administration due to the ongoing ‘exercise’ by the Ministers, ruling party MLAs and all political parties’ Legislators for achieving a separate statehood for Telangana.

“Not in the least,” stated the Chief Secretary before media persons at the Secretariat when asked if the resignations would have any adverse impact on either the governance or movement related to files in the various Departments.
The chief of the state administration expressed his indignation at the cited poser. To substantiate the question, he was informed that currently Ministers and ruling party Legislators were engaged in a resignation exercise.

Mr Prasad clarified that there should be no such thinking.

It was clarified by him that over 10 per cent of the files move up and down to the Ministers on an average. If a Minister is absent from his chambers for a single day, it would not matter much, unless there is a crisis situation.

“In fact some Ministers travel overseas on many occasions, the latest example being Textiles Minister P Shankar Rao who is away attending a programme sponsored by TANA in San Francisco in the United States of America.

Speaker Nadendla Manohar has also accompanied him.
Earlier, this same Minister for Textiles was in Canada and official work took another Minister for Industries J Geetha Reddy to the United Kingdom, the top bureaucrat pointed out.

Further, the top bureaucrat in the state reminded that the Centre had increased the Andhra Pradesh budget from Rs 43,000 crore to Rs 44,700 crore based on the social welfare programmes and expenditure part with confidence instilled in Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy.

The projected growth rate was 9.95 per cent. “Now it is more than that,” the Chief Secretary said.

“Data testified that the developmental programmes had been going on well and the growth had been on the upward trend,” Mr Prasad asserted. He further said in the same vein “with what else do you want to gauge the administration.”

“The economy of any land is driven by agriculture. As reported, the recent Rabi season let out a bumper crop so much so that there was shortage of godowns and farmers were put to inconvenience. Centre’s intervention is being sought to tide over the crisis as a result of a heavy
crop production,” the Chief Secretary pointed out.
he added that following this experience there were intense preparations by all concerned and district Collectors had been directed to accommodate another bumper crop from the next Kharif season without causing any difficulty to the poor farmers.

If the administration had taken a back seat no such fruits of development from farm front would have been possible, he added and pointed out that the millers and middlemen were kept under check.

Mr Prasad casually reeled out some figures in respect of the 20-Point Programme implementation, which has put the state on top in the All India level.

Asked whether Ministers could directly hand in their resignations to the Assembly Speaker directly, the Chief Secretary pointed out that they had done so in their capacity as MLAs. There is nothing wrong in this, he said.(INN)

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