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RPC posers to undavalli

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Hyderabad: Questioning the Rajahmundry M.P, Mr Vundavalli Arun Kumar as to what services he has rendered to the people of his constituency from where he got elected twice, the founder-president of the Rashtriya Praja Congress, Mr Meda Srinivas has challenged him to give an explanation to some queries associated with the late Chief minister, Y S Rajasekhar Reddy, whom the MP dubs as his god father in his political life.

Stating that Mr Arun Kumar did not have any aversion to bring disrepute to the late Y S Rajasekhar Reddy and to say that the late Chief Minister committed sins for his selfish political gains, though he always says that the great leader gave him a re-birth for his political career, Mr Srinivas in an open letter to him, has asked the Parliament Member as to what was the reason for his changing the original gist of the speech by the Congress party president, Ms Sonia Gandhi during a public meeting while translating it.

Mr Srinivas asked him as to what was the intention behind his serving legal notices to the Economic Times daily for making derogatory remarks against the late leader Dr YSR?. He also questioned him why he does not utilize his oratory skills to talk about the death of the late leader, though many people still have a lot of doubts in connection with the death of the late leader. Reminding that Mr Arun Kumar has said many times in public meetings that they have won because of Y SR, he questioned why now he was unable to accept that fact, and also challenged him whether he has the guts to accept that he could win two successive terms because of the late leader.. (NSS)

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