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SCRPS opposes inclusion of X’ANS into S.Cs

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Hyderabad, Feb.6 : The  steering committee of  the Scheduled Castes Reservation Porata Samithi has announced  its new “executive body” with Mr Karne Srisailam as its president.

Speaking to the media here on Sunday,  the vice-present Mr Linganna said that Mr K Venkatesh and Ms Prati Kalpana are the general secretaries, while Mr Srihari, Mr P Raghupathi and Mr Shankarappa are the vice-presidents. He also said that  a new  employees association would be announced soon.

On the reservations issue, Mr Linganna alleged that the 15 per cent reservation earmarked for the SCs after the Constitution came into force in 1950 has been  misused by many people as they were obtaining fake caste certificates from the officials. He also said that despite their conversion into  Christianity, which does not have any caste system at all, the  people were obtaining fake SC caste certificates and enjoying all kinds of benefits in education and employment spheres.

After their conversion into  Christianity,  they fall under the BC-C category,  for whom a mere one per cent reservation was earmarked and they  must not be treated as SCs any more, Mr Linganna said. He also added that the officials were not verifying the credentials of a candidate and blindly issuing caste certificates.

Pointing out to the resolution passed during the regime of  late Y S Rajasekhar Reddy, according to which even converted people should also be treated as SCs, Mr Linganna out rightly condemned it and said that although nobody had asked for it, the late Rajasekhar Reddy has taken the initiative to uphold the interests of the Christian community, since he belonged to that community.  He said that all political parties should give up the idea of bringing Christians into reservation category.

The president, Mr K Srisailam,  general secretary, Ms Prati Kalpana and the leaders from Mahboobnagar District, Mr Ramesh, Mr Narendar and Mr Mannem, were also present. (Agencies)

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