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Send Back Pakistani Infiltrators From City: Hindu Vahini

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Hindu Vahini Andhra Pradesh has demanded that the government initiate immediate steps to flush out and send back the infiltrators coming fromPakistan and other Islamic countries as the State capital was turning into a hub for Jihadi terrorists. It also appealed to the Centre and Election Commission of India to derecognize the AIMIM as it was fuelling violence and indulging in anti-national activities. The MIM was formed by leaders of the notorious Razakar movement beforeIndependence.

Speaking to media here,HinduVahiniStatepresident B. Rajvardhan Reddy urged the Union government to take immediate steps to halt influx of Pakistani national en routeBurma,Bangladesh, Kolkata toHyderabad. He alleged that the Pakistanis were overstaying and trying to settle permanently inHyderabadeven after their visas were expired. He also alleged that the infiltrators numbering over four crores settled down in the city and several other parts of the country.

Hyderabadcity HV president Shyam Sunder has demanded that the State government deploy only honest police officers in the sensitive areas. (NSS).

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