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Senior journalist Radha Krishna fears life threat

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Hyderabad: The senior journalist, Mr Jonnalagadda Radha Krishna, has expressed fear that he and his family members had life threat from persons claiming to be the supporters of Bollywood upcoming actress, Ms Kavita Radheshyam.

Talking to the media here on Thursday, Mr Radha Krishna said that he wrote an article in the American website allvoices.com about the nude photographs released by the actress of hers, claiming that she had gone nude for the cause of animal protection and added that the news report was the provocation.

Showing the almost nude photographs of the actress, who wrote the slogan ‘Save Tiger’ on her bare back, he said that he had questioned in the website how a tiger could be saved by a girl going naked. He said that he also had expressed doubt that this could be the actress’ ploy to get media attention and thereby get more film chances.

Mr Radha Krishna has said a week ago some one claiming to be the lawyer of Ms Kavita Radhe Shyam has informed him that she had sent a notice to allvoices.com, protesting against the news story. Mr Radha Krishna said the lawyer had asked him his address and he did not give it. He said that he told the lawyer that as they had served notice to the management of allvoices.com, they would in turn serve notice to him. However, on Tuesday (24-05-11) some one claiming to be the supporter of the actress called from the number +919843718502 and abused him in unprintable filthy language, he added. As he had put down the receiver after receiving two such calls, the caller had sent two SMS messages from the same number, threatening that his daughter Ms Sowmya would pay if Mr Radha Krishna did not answer the calls, he said, showing the SMS messages on his mobile phone.

The senior journalist said that he would be complaining about the matter to the police. He, however, said that he was willing to apologize to the actress and demanded that she should also apologize to him through the media for inciting ruffians to harm him and his family members. He said he would also be meeting the Home Minister and the Director General of Police to ask for protection to him and his family members. (NSS)

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