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Seprate Telangana State Sure After May 10

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Hyderabad: Exuding confidence that separate Telangana state would be created after May 10, Handlooms and Textiles Minister Dr P Shankar Rao has questioned the propriety in Mr TG Venkatesh, Minister, demanding that cases be filed against the TRS Chief Mr K Chandrashekar Rao and Siricilla MLA Mr KT Ramarao, holding them responsible for damage to the statues on the Tank Bund, on Million March day.

Speaking to the media here on Sunday in the Assembly premises, Dr Shankar Rao requested the students and agitators to stop committing suicides and conducting rallies, as the UPA government has decided to create separate Telangana State after May 10. He said that the UPA government would come out with a convincing statement after May 10, by convincing its allies on Telangana issue. Demanding the government to withdraw cases filed against the agitators who toppled the statues on Tank Bund, the Minister said that the government was getting bad name due to the actions of the police. He requested the agitators, who waited for 55 long years, to wait for 55 days i.e till May 10, to listen to a convincing message from the Centre on Telangana issue.

Making it clear that the Telangana Ministers would not get appointment from the AICC president Ms Sonia Gandhi, Dr Shankar Rao said that Mr KCR has criticized Ms Sonia Gandhi severely, might be in an emotional mood. Responding to a query on removal of Dr K Keshava Rao from the CWC, Dr Shankar Rao said that already Mr V Hanumantha Rao and Mr Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy were in the AICC and some one will get place in CWC in the second phase. (NSS)

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