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Seven held for double murder

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Hyderabad: Bahadurpura police on Saturday stated that it has arrested seven persons for the brutal murder of rowdy sheeter Aijaz and his nephew Imran at a function hall in Kishan Bagh on June 1.

According to the police, the seven arrested include prime accused Jawad Shareef, Wadood Shareef, Sajid, Shaik Akram, Shoukat Ali, Bari and Syed Abbu .

The police said that they were arrested to the murders of Aijaz and Imran and attempting to kill Syed Pasha.

Giving details, the police said that rowdy sheeter Syed Aijaz along with his brothers Syed Chand and Pasha, besides nephew Malik Imran and others went to Akber Function Hall at Kishan Bagh Crossroads in connection preparations for evening Valima of his brother’s (Jilani) son.

While arrangements were going on in kitchen as well as in reception hall, they were sitting behind the curtain of reception stage and taking lunch at a table.

At that time, Jawad Shareef, Wadood Shareef and their associates Akram, Shahed and others armed with lethal weapons barged into hall and attacked on Aijaz and he was defended by Syed Chand, nephew Malik Imran who were attacked on their life with weapons. Aijaz took opportunity and tried to run away through back door of the hall but he was attacked and killed in open kitchen area of the function hall. Syed Chand survived but Imran died on the way to hospital. The motive for the offence is rivalry with Aijaz.

In the year 2005, Aijaz along with his associates murdered one man by name Junaid r/o Osman Bagh, Kamatipura in the limits of Bahadupura PS suspecting him to be a police informer. Aijaz and his associates were arrested. The case ended in acquittal.

Junaid’s brothers Jawad and Wadood bore grudge on him and planned to kill him and joined hands with Murtuza Pahelwan as he was also having rivalry with Aijaz.

Aijaz is into real estate business and having a dispute with Murtuza Pahelwan of Rajendrangar who demanded money from Aijaz.

Therefore, Murtuza conspired with Jawad and Wadood the brothers of deceased Junaid and furnished information on activities and whereabouts of Aijaz. Murtuza gave information that in connection with Valima of his brother’s son, Aijaz will be available at Akber Function Hall on 1.6.2011 and he will be passing on information about his movements in function hall from time to time.

Acting on this information, the two brothers Jawad and Wadood made preparations to kill Aijaz and Wadood bought lethal weapons of knives and Jawad took one Maruthi Omni vehicle from his friend. They gathered support of associates – Sajid, Akram, Shoukat, Bari, Abbu, Ghouse, Haji and Jilani, who were all equipped with swords, knives and one group headed by Wadood entered the hall from back door (service entry for kitchen) went through the kitchen area.

Another group headed by Jawad entered through main entry of the hall. They attacked Aijaz who made escape towards kitchen area where Wadood and his associates brutally killed him. Jawad and his associates attacked Aijaz’s nephew Imran and brother Syed Pasha as they tried to protect Aijaz. Both were injured on vital parts of the body. Imran died on the way to OGH. Syed Pasha is recovering from injuries as his life is saved due to immediate treatment at OGH.

Police are on look out for remaining absconding offenders Murtuza Pahelwan, Ghouse, Haji and Jilani. (INN)

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