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Shankar Decries Attack On “Sincere” Telangana MPs

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Hyderabad: Condemning the attack on Telangana Congress MPs, Dr K Keshav Rao and Mr Madhu Yashki Goud and journalists, the Handlooms and Textiles Minister, Dr P Shankar Rao, said that both the MPs were seriously working for Telangana State.

Speaking at the Assembly media point on Friday, Dr Shankar Rao said that both the leaders went on fast demanding that the State government withdraw criminal cases foisted against the students. He also said that both the leaders were always talking about Telangana issue only.

The attack on the media was due to police excesses, he felt and added that these issues will bring negative publicity to the Telangana movement. He opined that the world knows about the Telangana movement only through the media and hence it was not correct to the agitators to attack the media personnel. (NSS)

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