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Sikhs to celebrate 312 Khalsa Panth Foundation Day From 13 To 15 in Hydeabad

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Hyderabad: The ” 312 Khalsa Panth Foundation Day Celebrations” ie, birth of Khalsa Panth (Vaisakhi) will be celebrated by Sikh community all over Andhra Pradesh on a very large-scale from April 13 to 15.

The three-day festivities covers “Amrit Sanchar” (Holy Baptism) on April 13, “Vishaal Deewan” (Mass Congregation) and a colourful “Nagar Keertan” (Holy Procession) on April 14 and “Baisakhi Keertan Darbar (Night Congregation) on April 15. These celebrations will be organised under the aegis of Prabhandak Committee Gurudwara Saheb, Ameerpet.

Prabhandak Committee,President S.Amarjeet Singh, Secretary S.Surender Singh, Vice President, S. Sulakshan SIngh and Joint Secretary S.Bhagender Singh said that on the main Vaisakhi Day (April 14), a “Vishaal Deewan”, the main attraction of the celebrations will be held at Sri Guru Gobind Singhji Play Grounds, Ameerpet from 11 am to 4 pm in which a few thousand Sikh devotees and other community faiths will converge at the programme.

The event will be marked by recitations of Gurbani Keertans (Holy Hymns) by the reputed Ragi Jathas (religious preachers) who are being specially invited from various parts of the country to render shabad keertans.

Bhai Joginder Singhji Riar of Ludhiana, Punjab, Bhai Inderjeet Singhji Khalsa (Darbar Sahib, Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple, Amritsar), Bhai Surinder Singh, Hazuri Ragi Jatha, Bhai Gurmukh Singhji, Jatha Tera Jatha and other reputed Ragi Jathas will recite shabad keertans and throw light on the teachings of Sikh Gurus. After the culmination of the congregation the traditional Guru Ka Langar (free community kitchen) will be served to the devotees.

On the same evening a colourful “Nagar Keertan”, (Holy Procession) will be taken out at around 5 pm from Gurudwara Saheb Ameerpet and will pass through the main corridors of Greenlands, Begumpet, Punjagutta and returned back to Gurudwara Saheb in the evening.

Guru Granth Sahebji (the revered Holy Scripture of the Sikhs) will be carried on a beautifully decorated vehicle along with “Nishaan Sahebans” (Religious Flags). The Procession will be marked by the rendering of Shabad Keertans (Holy Hymns) by the Jatha Tera Jatha and Keerthani Jathas of men, women and youths.

Besides that “Panj Pyaras” in their traditional attire will be the cynosure of the attraction all along the procession.The major attraction of the procession will be the display of “GATKA” a famous Sikh martial art forms and other breathtaking sword exercises all along the procession by Kalgidhar Dashmesh Jatha amd Maharaja Ranjeet SIngh Akhada.


Amrit Paan (Holy Baptism) will be performed on April 13 at 11 am at Gurudwara Saheb Ameerpet. Persons desirous to have Amrit can register their names with with Head Granthi.


Nigh Congregation will be held between 9 pm and 1.30 am on April 15 at Guru Gobind Singhji Sports Stadium, Ameerpet in which the above reputed Ragi Jathas will render Shabad Keertan.
The Khalsa Panth was established by the Tenth and Last Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singhji in 1699 AD at Anandpur Sahib in Punjab.

But before ordinary man of flesh and blood could attain to the ideal manhood as conceived by Guru Gobind Singhji, before they could call themselves pure, they had to show themselves worthy of such an exalted condition of mind and soul. The Khalsa of the Guru had to pass through fire to tread on the thin edge of the naked sword, to under some tests to prove this claim to the stature of ideal man. (NSS)

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