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Sikhs to take out 3 rallies on Holi festival

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Hyderabad: “Holi” festival will be celebrated in Hyderabad City from March 18 to 20. On the night of March 18 and 19, there will be traditional Holi bonfire, followed by sprinkling of coloured water.

On March 20 in the afternoon at 3.30 pm in connection with the Holi festival, the Sikh community will take out three processions, one from Central Gurudwara Saheb Gowliguda, passing through Mahaboob Gunj, Siddiamber Bazar, Begum Bazar Chatri, Chudi Bazar, Puranapul, Bahadurpura, Sikh Chowni, Baramabala at Kishan Bagh.

And other procession will start from Charmahal Gurudwara at 4.30 pm and pass through Petlaburj, Puranapul where the two processions will join and move through Bahadurpura, Kishan Bagh to Sikh Chowni and return on the same route to Central Gurudwara Saheb, Gowliguda.

A separate Sikh procession will be taken out from Uppuguda at 4 pm and move in surrounding locality of Kandikalgate, Bhoiguda, Chatrinaka, Uppuguda Railway gate, Ex-service colony and return to the starting point.

Elaborate bandobust arrangements were being made by City Police for maintaining Law & Order. The Armed Police Pickets will be posted at sensitive and vulnerable points.

The prohibitory orders have been issued by the Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad City. Closure of Wine Shops and Bars attached to Restaurants (Excluding Bars in Star Hotels and Registered Clubs) within the limits of Hyderabad City from 6 pm on March 18 to 6 am on March 20.

Prohibiting throwing of colours, coloured water on persons, places and vehicles and smearing of colours on persons at public places and also prohibiting movement of two wheelers and other vehicles in groups on streets at public places from 0600 hrs on March 18 to 0600 hrs on March 21.

Traffic diversions will be made on March 20 during the Sikh procession. The City Police Commissioner, Mr A K Khan, warned the public that any person violating the order shall be liable for prosecution under Sec. 76 of the Hyderabad City Police, Act 1348 Fasli and MV Act.

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