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T Harish Rao slaps OSD for shifting Yadireddy’s body

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New Delhi: The scene at the Andhra Pradesh Bhavan in New Delhi turned ugly after Telangana Rashtra Samithi MLA T Harish Rao physically assaulted Officer on Special Duty Chander Rao, accusing him of playing politics and shifting the body of Yadireddy, who committed suicide over the delay in formation of Telangana in New Delhi on Wednesday, directly to the airport to be flown to Hyderabad instead of allowing it inside the Bhavan.

Television footage revealed that Mr Harish Rao slapped Mr Chander Rao twice across the face, even as the AP Bhavan staff claimed that he OSD was badly beaten up by the TRS MLA and abused in foul language.

The AP Bhavan staff also resorted to a snap strike, demanding an unconditional apology from Mr Harish Rao for attacking the OSD. Incidentally, Mr Chander Rao is a Dalit.

The ugly incidents took place after the TRS demanded that Yadireddy’s body be placed inside the AP Bhavan to enable people to pay tributes.

However, the Resident Commissioner of AP Bhavan directed the officials to shift the body directly to Hyderabad and hand it over to Yadireddy’s family.

Incensed by the decision and the subsequent shifting of the body without informing the Telangana leaders, Mr Harish Rao along with his supporters marched up to the AP Bhavan in a procession and entered into heated arguments with Mr Chander Rao. He demanded an explanation on why the body was shifted without the Telangana leaders being informed.

When Mr Chander Rao explained that the Resident Commissioner had refused to allow Yadireddy’s body inside the AP Bhavan as it could lead to tension, the TRS MLA lost his cool and resorted to the physical attack.

This led to the snap strike by the AP Bhavan staff who demanded the MLA’s apology and action against him under relevant sections of the law.

Meanwhile, Congress leaders from Telangana, led by MP Madhu Yaskhi Goud, staged a dharna in protest against the shifting of Yadireddy’s body directly to the airport. The Congress leaders shouted slogans against Mr Chander Rao and the Resident Commissioner, accusing them of playing politics over Yadireddy’s body.

The Delhi government has rushed additional forces to the AP Bhavan to prevent any untoward incidents.(INN)

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