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TCC Urges Sonia To Table T Bill In Parliament To Diffuse Unrest

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Hyderabad, Feb.20 (NSS): Appealing to realize the seriousness of the growing resentment, frustration and the resultant gravity of situation in Telangana over the inordinate delay in creating separate State, the Telangana Ssmanvaya Samithi (Telangana Coordination Committee) has urged the AICC president and UPA chairperson, Ms Sonia Gandhi, to intervene and initiate legislative and other measures for the formation of Telangana State before the Budget Session of Parliament concluded.

In a letter to Ms Sonia Gandhi, the TCC chairman, Prof. A Gopala Kishan, has cautioned her that any attempt to further delay the process to resolve the issue could lead to irreversible consequences. He brought to Ms Gandhi’s attention that the deteriorating political unrest in the region was so severe that MPs and MLAs, particularly of the ruling Congress party, were not able to tour their own constituencies in the region.
“The fact that the Chief Minister and his cabinet colleagues have not been able to freely meet the people even after being escorted by unprecedented number of police personnel and faced unpleasant situations during their much publicized “Rachchabanda” programme must have come to your notice. The Chief Minister and other ministers needed thousands of security personnel for visiting villages to meet their own electorate”, he added.

Dr Gopal Kishen, in his letter, also pointed out that a meeting of the leaders of all political parties convened by Telangana Coordination Committee, represented by the Congress, Telugu Desam party, Telangana Rashtra Samithi, BJP, CPI, JD(U) and Forward Block on February 12 had appealed to the Centre to realize the gravity of the situation and take immediate steps to carve out separate Telangana State by tabling a Bill in Parliament in the larger interests of the people. (NSS)

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