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TDP charges Congress with insincerity towards Telangana

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Hyderabad: Telugu Desam Parliamentary Party Leader Nama Nageswara Rao has demanded that the Congress-led UPA government introduce Telangana Bill in Parliament forthwith, if it had any sincerity.

Speaking to the media at Janthar Manthar here where the Telangana Forum of TDP staged a dharna today, he alleged that the Union government had no sincerity towards resolving the Telangana issue. Recalling that several Bills were passed in Parliament despite Opposition parties’ objections, he questioned why the Telangana Bill was not being tabled. He also alleged that the Congress party was adopting a dual policy towards Telangana. He said it had no intention of conceding Telangana and was delaying solution to the issue unendingly.

The TDP Telangana Forum has passed a resolution demanding that the Telangana Bill be brought out immediately. Dismissing the argument that consensus was needed for creating Telangana, the party senior leader, Mr T. Devender Goud, has questioned when consensus was not needed for uniting the Andhra and Telangana regions, why it was needed for bifurcation. He alleged that the TRS and the Congress had colluded to weaken the Telangana and asserted that the people would give both parties a befitting lesson. He also alleged that the Telangana JAC was acting like the extension of the TRS.

The TDP Telangana Forum has decided to extend support to the general strike of the Telangana employees, protesting against the invocation of ESMA provisions against them. The Forum said that SI examinations should be held only after the withdrawal of the 14-F clause.

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