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TDP demands primary investigation on Emaar properties in 15 days

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Hyderabad: The TDP leader Mr. P Chandrasekhar has demanded completion of the preliminary investigation into the alleged EMAAR Properties scam in 15 days and said the government should fully cooperate with the High Court which was seized of the matter.

In a statement here on Tuesday, he said an unfortunate situation was prevailing in the country that no action was being taken on irregularities until courts intervened. He said investigations were taken up in 2G Spectrum, black money Havala and money laundering scams only after the courts directed the government to investigate. He said this was the reason why Mr. Sankara Rao despite being a minister has gone to court on the EMAAR properties scam. This showed that MLAs and even ministers lost confidence on their own government.

Mr. Chandrasekhar has questioned why the government had not responded on the EMAAR scam despite Dr. D L Ravindra Reddy sending memoranda to the Prime Minister and Ms. Sonia Gandhi. He has alleged that Ms. Gandhi had not responded as the then Chief Minister Dr. Y S Rajasekhara Reddy has given her share in the kick backs.

Stating that the TDP had entered into an agreement with EMAAR Properties with a ratio of 51:49, he said the YSR government which came later had initially reduced government participation to 26 percent and then further reduced it to 6 percent. Alleging that several industries have invested crores of rupees in YSR’s son Mr. Jagan’s companies in return for the favours they received from his father. He has questioned why Mr. Rahul Gandhi who has been agitating against land allocations in Uttara Pradesh was not opening his mouth on the illegal transfers in Andhra Pradesh.

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