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TDP opposes government move to increase Gas price

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Hyderabad: TDP General Secretary Mr. Varla Ramaiah has strongly opposed the proposal of the government to enhance the price of domestic gas and warned that his party would lead an agitation if the government did not withdraw the proposal.

In a statement here on Monday, he has alleged that the government was trying to implement the recommendation of the Nandan Nilekhani committee report and withdraw support on the gas price. He said it was proposed that only 4 cylinders in an year should be subsidized and rest sold at the rate of Rs. 790. At this rate, those who use 10 cylinders an year would have to bear an additional burden of Rs.3719 and those who use 15 cylinders would have to bear an additional cost of Rs. 5565. He has also questioned how the government could state that subsidy would be available only to those who had Aadhar cards, without distributing the cards to all the people. He said even the Chief Minister had no understanding about how and to whom the subsidy percolates. Referring to the statement of the Congress leaders questioning the possibility of the cash transfer scheme of the TDP, he said the Nandan Nilekani committee has now said that the scheme was possible. The committee has stated that cash transfer scheme was the only solution to put an end to corruption. He said if the subsidy on gas was withdrawn, the people would have march back 20 years and resort to fire wood for cooking. He has reminded that the poor women were already getting exposed to cancer, TB and viral fevers due to cooking on fire wood and withdrawal of subsidy on gas would only worsen the situation.

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