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TDP wants Black Money brought back from abroad

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Hyderabad: The TDP has said that the government, instead of taking steps to immediately get the black money stashed away by the Indian rich in foreign countries, was wasting time by appointing committies.

In a statement here, the party Politburo member, Mr Yanamala Rama Krishnudu, has said that the prestige of the country has come down in the international arena because of the corruption that had grown by leaps and bounds during the UPA-1 and UPA-2 rule. He said that in a study conducted by the Transparency International about corruption in 147 countries, India occupied 87th place. He has demanded that the government immediately disclose how much money was actually taken away from the country. He also deplored that the government had not complied with even the Supreme Court’s order to disclose the names of those who stashed away black money in foreign countries. Mr Rama Krishnudu has demanded that the government should immediately state why it was not bringing the money back and using it for the welfare of the poor. He said that the government has ignored the main problem and was simply buying time by appointing a series of committees.

Mr Rama Krishnudu, who was the finance minister during Telugu Desam government in the State, has suggested that the Lok Pal Bill should be improved further by introducing steps that would help contain corruption. He has charged the UPA government that it had exhibited shallowness of its intentions by not including regional parties in the making of the Lok Pal Bill. He said that it was strange that it left out the regional parties, though it was depending on these parties for its very existence. He has called for steps to make the country totally corruption-free. For taking such steps, he said, the systems prevailing in corruption-free countries like Finland, Singapore, Switzerland and Sweden should be studied and useful methods should be included in our systems.

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