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Teachers demand withdrawl of controversial GOs

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Hyderabad: Representing over 1.70 lakh teachers in Telangana, the Joint Action Committee of 24 Teachers’ Unions, also boycotted the talks with the Group of Ministers and urged the government to first cancel the controversial GOs 165 and 166.

Speaking to media persons on Friday the leaders of the JAC; Pula Ravinder, PRTU Chairman and Punna Kumar, STU secretary general and others demanded that talks be held in the backdrop of a good atmosphere.

They resented the carrot and stick policy employed by the government and threatened to go on strike if the government did not respond to their notice served on July 31, for solving their demands.

Slogans in support of the Telangana were also raised on this occasion.

At a separate press conference, the Joint Struggle Committee of the Unions of Telangana Officers, Employees, Teachers and Workers told newsmen that they were displeased with the government and boycotted the talks as the climate was not favourable.

Criticising the government for creating such atmosphere which was not conducive, they alleged that the government was trying to invoke ESMA and deployed paramilitary forces.

This was not the way the talks should be held they said and added that government would be held responsible for any eventualities.

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