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Teejac book against SKC report false

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Hyderabad: Terming as far from truth and distortions the details that were incorporated in the “Bundle of Lies”, a 40-page book published by the Telangana Electricity Employees’ Joint Action Committee against the report submitted by the Srikrishna Committee on the power sector in the State, the Praja Energy Audit Cell (PEACE- Vijayawada) has brought out a report titled “Bumble Bunkum Brochure”.

Speaking to the media here on Friday, the State convenor of the PEACE, Mr A Punna Rao said that the brochure was meant to make the people of the State to be aware of facts in relation with the power sector.

Finding out the faults in the report prepared by the TEJAC, Mr Punna Rao said that going by the Central Electricity Authority, the power purchases by the electricity companies should be divided by the population in order to know the per capita consumption of power. Instead, the TEJAC had taken sales in to consideration in this regard. More importantly, as per the TEJAC, the power in Hyderabad in 2009-10 was 4621.9 million units and the population was about 7.9 millions and it also estimated that the total per capita consumption in the city was 575 units. But going by the 2001 Census, the total population of Hyderabad was a mere 3.686 millions and as per this estimates the per capita consumption should be 1254 units.

“According to rough estimates, the total population in both the Seemandhra and Telangana regions in 2009-10 was five crores and 3.8 crores and the per capita consumption in both regions was 634 units and 973 units respectively”, Mr Punna Rao noted. He also said that though the Srikrishna Committee said that the power consumption in the Telangana region was very robust and the agriculture sector was substantially contributing to this factor, the TEJAC distorted it by quoting Srkrishna Committee as stated that the region was very prosperous. Another strange argument by the TEJAC was that the power being utilised by the industries established here by the settlers was propelling the soaring estimations of power consumption in the region.

Mr Punna Rao said that the TEJAC stated that only the domestic consumption should be considered to arrive at the per capita consumption and the total domestic consumption in all eight districts in the region barring Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy was less than that of the entire State. But what the TEJAC forgotten was going by the 2001 Census the per capita consumption in seven districts of the Seemandhra region was less than that of the entire State. “The domestic consumption alone was not an indicator of the economic state. Indeed, the agriculture, industries and commerce sectors were meant to serve the purpose of society”, he added.

Pointing out to the liquor sales as one of the indicator of economic state, the liquor consumption in the Telangana region was more then that of the Coastal region, as the per capita expenditure in this regard as per the 2001 Census stood at Rs 1857 in the Telangana region, while in the Seemandhra it was Rs 1400. He said that the Srikrishna Committee also concluded that there was better based network in the Telangana region.

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