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Telangana Brahmina JAC to organize Brahmana Sankharavam

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Hyderabad: Seeking to extend solidarity with those who have been spearheading the struggle to realize the decades-long dream of a separate Telangana State, the Telangana Brahmana Joint Action Committee proposes to organize a massive “Telangana Brahmana Shankaravam” on May 1 at 4 pm.

Speaking to the media here on Friday, the President of the JAC, Mr. Gangu Bhanu Murthy said that the Brahmana JAC has been formed with an intention to extend moral support to all sections of the people i.e., employees, students, politicians and civic associations, who have been continuing their struggle to achieve the dream of Telangana State. He said that all factions of the Brahmana community like the Niyogis, Vaishnavites, Shaivaites and Madhvas were all part of this organization and the endeavor to strengthen the Telangana movement.

Mr. Bhanu Murthy said that the location for the proposed massive public meeting would be decided later. He also extended his invitation to various sections like the students, politicians, employees and civic associations to take part in the event. “The committee which has been formed was a temporary one and it was meant for the purpose of the public meeting and hence there was no need for any discontent for non-representation, he added. A permanent committee would be formed later, wherein all sections of the community from the region would be accommodated”, he has assured.

The Convener of the JAC, Mr. Pala Rajasekhar Sharma said that like all other sections of the region, the Brahmana community has also been meted out with gross injustice in the unified state and was confident that a separate Telangana state would be a reality before this year end. (NSS)

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