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Telangana Congress Leaders In A Quandary

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 Are the Telangana Congress leaders in desperate mood to prepare their own road map to safeguard their political identity and career amidst looming uncertainty over the survival of the Congress government in the State?

The question is gaining ground in political circles what with the Telangana Congress leaders is like being caught between the devil and the deep sea. Having aligned themselves with the movement for a separateTelanganaState, the Congress leaders from the region seemed to be caught in the crossroads what with the Congress-led UPA Government at the Centre not taking a firm decision on the separate State issue and at the same time, the momentum of the Telangana movement steadily losing its original fizz.

Amidst continuous humiliations and taunting from TRS leaders besides losing credibility among the people of their respective constituencies in the region, the Telangana leaders have lost face within the ruling party, especially among their counterparts from the Seemandhra region. As speculations about early elections began to gain ground of late, the Telangana Congress leaders are now a worried lot after an exodus into TRS and YSRCP, especially from Congress and TDP commenced.

It is pertinent to note here that the Telangana Congress MPs, despite their boycott of Parliament during the last session failed to make the UPA government to yield to their demand for a separateTelanganaState. Since the winter session of Parliament is commencing from Thursday and the Congress has issued a whip to all its leaders to attend the session without fail, the Telangana Congress leaders have been put in a tight spot as they had planned to defy the party whip and even disrupt the proceedings on the ‘T’ issue.

These leaders seem to have realized that in the event an early election, they might be denied the party ticket and even if they manage to secure the party ticket might be rejected by the electorate. Thus, these leaders seem to be anxious to float a new front by forging an alliance with the TRS to not only voice the demand for T state in Parliament but also fight the 2014 elections.

This move gained credence following a series of meetings the senior Congress leader and former Rajya Sabha member Dr K. Kesava Rao had with State Minister K. Jana Reddy, former minister Komatireddy Venkat Reddy and others. However, his meeting later with TRS president K. Chandrasekhara Rao has further strengthened speculations about the move to form a new political front to fight for the cause ofTelanganaState.

However, after the meeting, Dr Keshav Rao pooh- poohed  any move to form a new political front and asserted that the agitation for a separateTelanganaStatewould continue on a non-political basis. To repeated questions he declared that the Centre had so far not rejected the demand for a separate State and if they categorically refuse to concede, then we would think of an alternative to achieve the goal, he added. (NSS)

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